13.Nov.2015 Roberto Morales on algorithmic, real time, and free time composition

By | November 10, 2015

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 13th, 10:30AM ////  WHERE: NYU Music Dept. Rm 220 (24/32 Waverly Place, NY 10003) /// This event is free and open to the public.


Algorithmic composition means imagining a 12202584_905973172819134_752126630_nprocess or a structure and then applying a mapping process to transform that structure, which resides in the conceptual domain, into sound, which may reveal the original conception. Gestural mapping occurs when a sonic result is achieved by an act of interpretation, whether it be reading a score and/or improvising. In this seminar I will show my work and programing environments for real time and free time composition.


Born in Mexico City, Roberto Morales-Manzanares started his musical training in national folkloric music and learned how to play harps and different kinds of guitars and flutes from several regions of the country. As a composer, he has written music for theater, dance, movies, TV and radio. As an interpreter Morales-Manzanares has participated on his own and with other composers in forums of jazz, popular and new music, including tours to Europe United States and Latin-America. His main interests are algorithmic composition and real time gesture interaction.Currently he teaches Digital Art at the University of Guanajauto and is member of the “Sistema Nacional de Creadores” in Mexico.