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Concert Announcements

26-28.Jan.2018 – From Me to You and Back Again

WHEN: January 26-28th /// WHERE: Various locations Squaring The Circle: a new series of events curated by Viola Yip and Julian Day abstract A vocalist fits a tiny speaker in his mouth. A network of speakers swings back and forth. Performers sculpt feedback using giant foam sheets. Six radical approaches to acoustic feedback Cathy van Eck/… Read More »

30.Oct.2017 – Westerkamp and Hron; Concert and Q&A

WHEN: Monday, October 30th, 7:30pm ////  WHERE: Immersion Room @ Avery Fisher Center for Music & Media, NYU Bobst Library, 7th Floor, 70 Washington Sq. South, NY 10012 /// This event is free, RSVP needed. Please RSVP here. abstract This concert features Beads of Time Sounding, a piece created by Terri Hron and Hildegard Westerkamp. It is a meditation on soundscape and… Read More »

16-20.Nov.2016 5th International Pure Data Convention

WHEN: November 16-20th ////  WHERE: NYU/ Stevens/ Shapeshifter/ Harvestworks /// This event is free and open to the public. The 5th International Convention Pure Data Convention both celebrates 20 years of Pd and seeks to explore the new ways in which the community of users are interfacing with each other and with Pd. This is an exciting time for the Pd Community as… Read More »

Waverly Project, 2016-17 Season

Waverly Project has announced its concert and lecture series for the 2016/17 Season: September 29, 2016: Tak Ensemble Works by Ioannis Angelakis, Fede Camara Halac, Michael Rose, Joel Rust and Viola Yip October 25, 2016: scapegoat Works by Santiago Díez Fischer, Mauricio Pauly, Fede Camara Halac January 26, 2017: Dal Niente Works by Carola Bauckholt, Augusta Read… Read More »

25.Apr.2016 Guest Talk: Nic Collins @ NYU – Music – FAS

WHEN: Monday, Apr. 25th, 6:00PM ////  WHERE: NYU Music Dept. Rm 220 (24/32 Waverly Place, NY 10003) /// This event is free and open to the public. abstract Nic Collins will present some of his extensive work including some live demonstrations and brief performances. bio New York born and raised, Nicolas Collins spent most of the 1990s in Europe, where he… Read More »

17.Feb.2016 Jennifer Walshe & Marc Couroux present and perform recent work

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 7:00PM ////  WHERE: NYU Music Dept. Rm 220 (24/32 Waverly Place, NY 10003) /// This event is free and open to the public. Marc Couroux will be performing/presenting PSYCHO(TIC)ACOUSTICS, a theory-fiction in which aurally infected pathologies are dreamed as alternate modalities for productive intervention into the negative feedback loops characteristic of cybercapitalism. . Jennifer Walshe will be discussing… Read More »

10.Nov.2015 – Seth Parker Woods: Grey Neon Life

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 10th 8pm ////  WHERE: NYU Music Dept. Rm 220 (24/32 Waverly Place, NY 10003) /// This event is free and open to the Public. Grey Neon Life is the latest evening length solo project of cellist, Seth Parker Woods, which features new trailblazing works that give a new face and ethos to a cellist in 2015. The project is… Read More »